Chattanooga Central High, Class of 1972

A Word about our reunions from your Classmates

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Several of our classmates that have attended the past reunions share their thoughts on these events!


What Reunion Means to me.

Carrol Waddle

WOW! 40 years after graduating Central High School and I just know what I want to do!  My life journey probably likes yours is not always pleasant but thank God he is gracious and we are still breathing.  Hey we still have a lot of good years ahead and I look forward to hearing about your journey too.  Ask me about mine!  We can talk work, retirement, family kids and grand kids (5 and 2 more due), hiking, gardening, bike riding, hunting & fishing, and especially hope for the future!  I can tell you some funny stories about George too -especially his political career try years ago-He is the Best- or how I almost ended up in prison (but go now once month)  but we will have some good laughs/cries at the game &  reunion too-I have my reservation for my wife & I-get yours! One of twins-Carrol Waddle


What Reunion Means to me

Joe and Mary Kilgore

To George and the committee: Thank you for the planning efforts and all you've done for the class of 72. Mary and I have tried to make eveery event, and we missed a few. After 30 years of moving around the world we're in Tampa where I am working at the Joint Special Operations University as the Vice President for Future Development and Education. (just changed jobs from the Dean of Academics). Everyone welcomed Mary into the clan at our 10 year reunion, just days before we got married. I think many of my classmates like her better than me. We have cherished the relationships and the grounded you all have provided back in Chattanooga. We miss the area and especially the people. As we get older and loose our family, friends and some classmates, our mortality seems to catch up whith us. We look forward to seeing as many of you as can possible make it for the reunion before it's too late. My mom just hosted her class reunion of the Grundy County High School Class of 1940. Only 14 of her classmates are still alive and 13 made it back this year. All of us were influenced by our school, and the people. Mary and I encourage you all to come and reestablish old friendships, bury old hatchets and spend some time with the class of 72. Our sincere best to everyone and I hope to see you in September. Joe and Mary Kilgore     


What Reunion Means to me

Jan Clayton (Lewis)

Hey classmates, there is nothing quite like reconnecting with old friends in our hometown, so be sure to mark your calendars for a fun weekend in September.  Reunions bring back great memories and its just so much fun to catch up as well." 





What Reunion Means to me.

George Erdel

If you are reading this you are in your late 50’s, you attended Chattanooga Central High and you graduated on June 8, 1972.  That is over 40 years ago and since that date you have accomplished so very much, and life has been a pretty good ride regardless of things that you may, or may not have done, and the cards that you played whether they were dealt by the dealer or those you took on the draw, have given you a specific life and unique experience.

 There is one thing however each person reading this has something in common with every other classmate reading these words.  Together, we have shared a very specific and vitally important part of our lives, that being our youth.  Our common goal was to complete our early education and get that coveted diploma from our Central High. In our youth we have attended sports events, some of us even played in those events while the rest of us cheered them on.  Together we yelled until we were hoarse at pep rallies as we imagined what we were going to do to the other teams.  Each one of us has so many memories that we can sit and recall with perfect accuracy, if we only take the time to do so.

 Some of these memories are good, some of them are not necessarily that good, but there are some that are so great and they can literally make you laugh out loud, or long for remembering a special moment with a close friend from those days that you can once again recall together.  That my friend is the primary purpose of holding reunion reunions whether they are class reunions or family events..

As the class of “72” we have had a 5 year a 10, 20 30 and now we are about to have the big 40 year event.  So many of you reading this have never attended any of our past reunions and it is entirely possible that this could possibly be your last opportunity to attend such an event and have a truly inspirational evening sharing the memories of our youth that we experienced together 4 decades ago.  In fact there are a number of people that were in attendance in the past that are no longer with us to attend this one.

Our responses from those that have attended each and every reunion indicate that they will certainly be there but my comments are meant specifically for those of you that may have attended one, or none of the past reunions.  Any that were in attendance at those in the past will assure you, your presence at this event will be something special to someone else that is there and this is for certain.  Likewise there will be someone there that will be something special for you.

I have three children each being out of school over 13 years.  Their graduating classes have not even held reunions, and I find this very sad because they have, and they  continue to lose touch with the memories and friends from some of the best years of their lives.

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